Cheryl Burke Dances With Drew Carey in 2014 on ‘DWTS’

Cheryl Burke was teamed up with Drew Carey this season on “Dancing With the Stars” 2014. They did a great job even though they were not able to win the mirror ball trophy. Fans can’t stop talking about her weight loss right now. Cheryl has taken off 15 lbs. and looks great.

Check out some of their dances from this season below. You can see she has obviously lost weight and looks amazing! Cheryl said it was all from clean eating and smaller portions. Every other time she lost weight in her life she ended up gaining it back but not this time. You can read more about it on Examiner.

On week 1 of the show they did the Foxtrot.

The week 2 dance for Cheryl and Drew was the Jive.

During week 3 of “DWTS” it was time for the Waltz.

Week 4 they were not together because of a switch up in dance partners, but during week 5 they did the Quickstep.

Week 6 was time for the Tango from these two.


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    May 15, 2016

    I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

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