Check Out North West’s Mini Ferrari

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have taken things a little far with their new Christmas present for North West. She got a mini Ferrari to look just like her dad’s car. I think it is a cute idea for a child that is big enough to ride it, but their little girl is not big enough.

She is only six-months-old which means she will not be getting into this car anytime soon. I guess they just wanted to be prepared when she can ride it and it was a big Christmas present for her. It is a cute car I will admit.

So what do you think of North West and her mini Ferrari? Did her parents take it too far or is it a great Christmas present for their little girl? I personally think it would have been great when she was big enough to ride it, but it is a bit much now. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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