‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 25 Week 2 Night One Recap

It was time for another new episode of “Dancing With the Stars.” The couples will dance ballroom tonight, with one going home. Tomorrow night will be Latin night with another elimination.

Celebrity: Debbie Gibson

Claim To Fame: 80s pop icon

Pro: Alan Bersten

Dance: Quickstep

Sammi: She’s got good rhythm and spirit. Is it me, or did the dance go a bit too quickly? I feel like it was over in a blink.

Len: She had the speed confidence.

Bruno: She improved since last season, but needs to be a bit more exact.

Carrie Ann: It was beautifully executed.

Scores: 7-6-7=20 out of 30

Celebrity: Nikki Bella

Claim To Fame:  WWE star

Pro: Artem Chigvintsev

Dance: Waltz

Sammi: I love how this is dedicated to her Nana. WOW. This is certainly a different side of her and I love it. She is elegant, classy and beautiful.

Bruno: So ladylike and Nana would be proud.

Carrie Ann: She learned to trust so early and they danced as one—stunning.

Len: Soft, lyrical, but could have been more in hold.

Scores: 7-7-7=21 out of 30

Celebrity: Lindsey Stirling

Claim To Fame: Violinist

Pro: Mark Ballas

Dance: Quickstep

Sammi: That was—quick, to say the least. No, seriously, I literally blinked and missed most of it!

Carrie Ann: She is so good, but needs to work on her neck.

Len: Light, bright, fun and entertaining.

Bruno: She did well, but watch her arms.

Scores: 7-7-7=21 out of 30

Celebrity: Barbara Corcoran

Claim To Fame: Shark Tank star

Pro: Keo Motsepe

Dance: Tango

Sammi: She certainly improved from last week and seems to be taking the whole thing more seriously. I love though, however, that she hasn’t lost her spirit.

Len: He gives places to improve, but it is better than last week.

Bruno: Much better than last week.

Carrie Ann: She also thinks there was an improvement.

Scores: 6-5-6=17 out of 30

Celebrity: Nick Lachey

Claim To Fame: 98 Degrees star

Pro: Peta Murgatroyd

Dance: Foxtrot

Sammi: Beautiful and a vast improvement from last week. He seems to really want this, despite him not even wanting to do the show in the past.

Bruno: He gives him ideas on where to improve.

Carrie Ann:  He needs to stretch it out a bit more and open up.

Len: It was too fragile.

Scores: 7-6-6=19 out of 30

Celebrity: Drew Scott

Claim To Fame: Property Brother

Pro: Emma Slater


Sammi: Aw, he hurt his hamstring! I hope he is ok! Luckily, he is able to dance. This is my favorite quickstep of the night. I think his dancing is better this week and his spirit is contagious!

Carrie Ann: It was fantastic, but a bit lanky.

Len: It’s gangly, but enthusiastic.

Bruno: Quality Hollywood style performance.

Scores: 7-6-7=20 out of 30

Celebrity: Vanessa Lachey

Claim To Fame: TV host

Pro: Maks Chmerkovskiy

Dance: Foxtrot

Sammi: She definitely has some of the best technique of all the contestants. I just don’t like how they added other dancers—it is too distracting.

Len: He liked it.

Bruno: She is like Ava Garner.

Carrie Ann: She is stunning and polished.

Scores: 8-8-8=24 out of 30

Celebrity: Frankie Muniz

Claim To Fame: Malcolm in the Middle star

Pro: Witney Carson

Dance: Tango

Sammi: This is definitely one of the top dances of the night. He just proved he was a contender tonight!

Bruno: He didn’t miss one step.

Carrie Ann: It was everything they wanted it to be.

Len: It was a bit over aggressive., but ok.

Scores: 8-7-8=23 out of 30.

Celebrity: Terrell ’TO’ Owens

Claim To Fame: NFL  icon

Pro: Cheryl Burke

Dance: Foxtrot

Sammi: That was pretty hot!! He also looks very good shirtless. He stepped up his game this week!

Carrie Ann: He was committed to the dance and more expressive this week.

Len: It was too raunchy.

Bruno: He went into it beautifully.

Scores: 7-6-7=20 out of 30

Celebrity: Sasha Pieterse

Claim To Fame: Pretty Little Liars star

Pro: Gleb Savchenko

Dance: Viennese waltz

Sammi: She is very elegant and sweet to watch. You can’t help but fall in love with them because they have a sweet innocence, but a bit also a bit of intensity.

Len: It knocked his socks off.

Bruno: She did well, but needs to work on her placement.

Carrie Ann: She likes how they don’t hide behind choreography.

Scores: 8-8-7=23 out of 30

Celebrity: Victoria Arlen

Claim To Fame: Paralympic swimmer, ESPN host

Pro: Val Chmerkovskiy

Dance: Tango

Sammi: She is such an inspiration. I know I said it last week, but she is! Once again, my jaw is on the floor. I can’t even at anything except WOW!!!!

Bruno: Very clever and well executed.

Carrie Ann: It was so polished and elegant.

Len: He liked the drama and intensity—super duper!

Scores: 8-8-8=24 out of 30

Celebrity: Derek Fisher

Claim To Fame: NBA star

Pro: Sharna Burgess

Dance: Foxtrot

Sammi: His mommy is there this week! I am so excited for her and that he gets to share this with her. This was a very sweet, cute dance and really showcased his strengths.

Carrie Ann: He is fun, but dances too small.

Len: He agrees he is fun, but needs more finesse and technique.

Bruno: He was joyful.

Scores: 6-6-7=19 out of 30

Celebrity: Jordan Fisher

Claim To Fame: Hamilton and Grease Live star

Pro: Lindsay Arnold

Dance: Viennese waltz

Sammi: What a way to end the night. That was near-perfection, beautiful and his one-way ticket into the finals!

Len: He offers places to improve, but overall, he enjoyed it.

Bruno: He enjoyed it and he danced like a singer.

Carrie Ann: He is an amazing lyrical dancer/

Scores: 8-8-8=24 out of 30

Results! Terrell and Cheryl and Barbara and Keo are in the bottom two. Barbara and Keo are eliminated. No surprise, but still disappointing.

More tomorrow, stay tuned!

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