‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 8 Recap: The Twins Arrive In Paradise

Last night, Kristina, Fred and Blake all left paradise after failing to find love. Well, Fred and Blake were SOL. Kristina decided to tell Dean FU and left—not in so many words, but that was the gist of it.

Again, I never want to hear Almost Paradise ever again—but these intros are hilarious.

Dean is doing shots in the pool because he is heartbroken over Kristina leaving, but he is still with D.Lo….I have no clue. She should just forget about him.

Jimi from Nick’s season arrives. She is the first openly bisexual person on the show. She has a date card and decides to go out with Diggy.

Dominique is pissed and feels insecure about her relationship with Diggy.

The only interesting this I got from this date was that she is black and Italian. She goes after what she feels in terms of relationships, not necessarily gender. It is actually quite interesting to hear her explain it. Diggy is supportive and wants to see people be more open minded about things like this.

D.Lo. and Dean continue to bond. She is very optimistic now that Kristina is gone, but the twins arrive to throw a wrench in her plans—and Taylor’s since one of them wants Derek.

The twins talk to Amanda, who tells them all about what is going on….and they don’t know what scallops are? What? I can’t with their stupid act. Amanda calls Jack a serial killer, and Dean is a beanie baby? WTF?

Apparently, they have different vaginas and WHAT? I am not even drinking yet….I can’t even….

Anyway, one twin goes with Jack, who they keep calling a serial killer, which I (and my sister-in-law) don’t understand and the other asks Dean. However, Dean says no because of the whole situation with D.Lo.  This causes drama, so the twin goes out with Tickle Monster.

The twins bash D.Lo. and Taylor and show their immaturity. Have a little class, ladies. Sheesh.

How did Jasmine get Starbucks? Where did Christen get her bikini? It is really cute. Also, Wells needs to marry me.

Jack decides to not go on the date because of his loyalty with Christen. The twins are PISSED. They called him a serial killer to his FACE. What the hell…..they curse everyone out and leave. Their tantrum is crazy AF. I know I am not perfect, but I’m glad I am not like this.

Christen is happy he stayed, and they kiss.

Chris Harrison tells everyone it is their last day in Paradise and that’s it?

Finale next week! Stay tuned.

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