‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 7 Recap: Dean Has One Girl Left

When we last left our cast, our couples were canoodling and Dean was playing both D.Lo and Kristina. So far, not much has changed.

Kristina confronts Dean about his behavior and he seems to completely disregard her feelings. Girl, forget about him. You’re worth so much more than this!

Jasmine jumps Tickle Monster and I just can’t with all of this….stop being desperate!! JEEZ and freaking crackers!

Blake E, the dude who fought with Whaboom and bragged about his penis, arrives in paradise all sweaty and annoying. He has a date card and wants to go out with D.Lo or Kristina. However, innate of asking one of them out, he complains about Whaboom. He finally asks Kristina out, but she doesn’t seem interested. Christen finally says yes to his date request.

Jack Stone is PISSED because he is into Christen. He takes out his anger in working out and people are making fun of how he kisses? I can’t anymore. ::pours rum into Diet Coke::

Jasmine now goes after Jack Stone to see if he is a good kisser. The gang gets together and Jasmine kisses him. Raven says something about how he needs to kiss two more girls and he isn’t a loser and shut UP. D.Lo also kisses him, as does Raven….and they all decide he is a good kisser. ::throws hands up in air and wishes for something stronger to drink….but too polite to polish off my brother’s liquor cabinet contents::

Fred the camp kid from Rachel’s season arrives with a date card. He asks Dominique out and she says yes.

Raven says he is a bad kid and Blake is annoying AF and they are going on a double date.  Again, kindly STFU.

The double date is on a boat with rappelling later on…the only noteworthy thing is the fact that Christen doesn’t believe in wearing waterproof mascara.

Chris Harrison comes and announces there will be one more date card this week, as well as a rose ceremony—that very night.

Robby and Amanda get the date card and go to a carnival.  They kiss and enjoy each other’s company and that’s it.

Ben Z. leaves and I hope he and his dog are very happy.

Dominique and Diggy do some quiz and make out.

Wells tells Christen about how people call her Scallop Fingers and she gets upset and confused. We waste way too much time on this crap. Somehow it leads to her making out with Blake and I am done.

Jack Stone breaks them up in order to win her over….so now she makes out with him.

I can’t keep up with all this….

Dean and Kristin end things once and for all. She talks to Raven about it and they get into a huge fight. I get Raven telling her that Dean me it clear he wanted to play around, but she didn’t have to be so condescending about it.

Rose ceremony.

Lacey to Daniel.

Taylor to Derek

Amanda to Robby

Raven to Adam

Dominique to Diggy

Jasmine to Tickle Monster

Christen to Jack Stone

Kristina decides to leave without giving out a rose. Dominique says Kristina deserves the best and Dean should regret how he treated her. However, she has a long goodbye with Dean, who says he is sorry.

D.Lo to Dean

Fred and Blake leave paradise. Join us tomorrow for more drama!

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