‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 6 Recap, Daniel Arrives In Paradise

Tonight was time for Episode 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise” on ABC .When we last left off, Daniel the Canadian joined paradise, making Lacey very happy. Like this isn’t all contrived so she can get a rose.

However, he has to talk to every other girl before he makes a decision.

Rose ceremony:

Daniel to Lacey

Jack Stone to Christen

Matt returns to give Jasmine a rose and then leaves again

Derek to Taylor

Robbie to Amanda

Diggy to Dominique

Adam to Raven

Dean to Kristina

Ben Z to Danielle L

Alexis and Sarah are sent home.

Daniel and Lacey go on a date.

Tickle monster arrives with a date card. He takes an immediate interest in Christen and takes her on a date.

Neither date is very noteworthy. Okay, Christen and Tickle Monster are adorable.

Dean is still acting like a player, so Kristina says she is checking out.

Then we have a live studio audience with a bunch of people on the show and it really doesn’t tell us more than we already know. I tune out and I really don’t care.

Corrine’s interview. She talks about being on Paradise and how excited she was for the experience. She got drunk, was on medication and it caused her to get messed up. She says that she now knows more about the meds and the side effects.

As for DeMario, she said they were both there ‘doing them’ and she doesn’t think he did anything wrong. This is all an unfortunate situation. She says there are no words for what she went through and has no ill feelings toward DeMario.

She also sees DeMario’s emotional breakdown from last week.

THAT was the big OMG interview? ::HEADDESK::

Two more weeks of this—oh joy!!

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