‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 3 Recap

Tonight, we are in the third episode of “Bachelor in Paradise”, with more drama, potential lovers arriving and the rose ceremony that we’ve been waiting for since the last two episodes.

That beginning—what in the hell….I need a drink.

Anyway, everyone is talking about returning to paradise after the whole alleged sexual misconduct debacle. The less said, the better on that because it pisses me off to no end.

Anyway, Adam arrives without AJ. Can we have AJ as the next Bachelor? Everyone is excited to see him and he talks to everyone before he decides who he wants to give his date card to that night.

OH SNAP,  AJ is there!!!

Adam takes Raven on the date.  It’s drinking, talking and a nice meal….nothing noteworthy.

Dean and Kristina are having issues and I can’t really bring myself to care.

Everyone kisses each others asses before the rose ceremony in hopes of staying in paradise. I don’t know, this is boring AF. I am having trouble getting into this and why the hell is Robby dressed like Dr. Who with Donald Trump hair?

Break to hear the President speak.

Rose ceremony:

Taylor to Derek.

Jasmine to Matt

Raven to Adam

Alexis to Jack Stone

Lacey to Diggy

Danielle to Ben Z

Kristina to Dean

Amanda to Robby

Alex, Iggy, Vinny and Nick are all sent home. I feel bad for Iggy, he seems so sweet and my VINNY!!!KAHHHNNNNNNNNNNNN….

Vinny with the seatbelt….::Dead::

The next day, everyone continues to mingle and spend time together. Then…..Danielle the brunette from Nick’s season shows up and the guys fall all over themselves. I barely remember her, but she is gorgeous.

She picks Dean and they go on their merry way. They make out and back at the island home, Kristina is pining for Dean and probably feeling like crap. The feeling is more obvious when they come back bragging about the date.

Alexis and Jasmine play fight and I try to get my sister in law to re-enact it with me.

Taylor and Derek make out.

Dean and Kristina have a talk and—I have no clue what is going on….I am barely paying attention and it seems like he is leading both girls on at this point.

Danielle the brunette is celebrating her half birthday and I don’t even know what to do with this information—thanks Dean? Nice of you to make Kristina feel like crap. Especially when you let Danielle feed you cake. Poor Kristina leaves the bonfire in tears. I can’t see who, but one of the girls is cuddling with her.

Join us tomorrow for more “Bachelor in Paradise”!

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