‘The Bachelorette’ 2017 Finale Recap: Who Did Rachel Pick?

Tonight is the season finale of the hit series and we will finally see who Rachel chooses: the sexy Bryan, former front runner Peter or in love for the first time Eric. Let’s find out!

As always, Chris Harrison is Phil Donahue-ing it up with the live studio audience. Rachel joins him on stage to give her commentary on everything that is happening.

Apparently, Juan Pablo is married. Chris Harrison said he reached out to him to spread the word to all those who still care about what he is up to—all five of them. So, congrats.

Back to Rachel and Peter. They are still trying to figure out where they stand and at this point, I no longer care. Like, at all….especially since she gives him a Fantasy Suite card thirty seconds later.  Why am I even surprised? I don’t know what I want, time to get laid? Also, no, this is not a sexy fantasy room. My dorm room in college was sexier and it was the size of a shoebox.

They are talking to each other through windows—WHAT?? Yet, they are in the same Fantasy Suite apartment. He still seems to be holding back. I think that he is into her, but so scared of giving too much.

Now she has her date with Bryan. They talk and drink wine…and it is awkward as all hell. I have no clue what is going on, but even my own worst date ever was better than this—and the dude basically used the entire time to tell me what a terrible person I was and that I needed Jesus.

Rachel says she is more confused than ever. During the live show, she says the talks about her confusion between Peter and Bryan and how she almost broke up with Peter. However, she decided to see it through.

Back to the date. They have dinner and go to the Fantasy Suite, which looks like someone’s apartment and spend time together.

Rachel recaps this to Chris Harrison and says she handled each situation like a lawyer. Of course she did….that is in her nature.

Now we get to the morning after and they are sharing strawberries in bed and kissing.

Rose ceremony…Jesus take the wheel…..

Bryan and Peter get roses. Eric is sent home. He thinks she has amazing guys left and they guy goodbye.

We go back to the live studio where Eric and Rachel have the most awkward conversation ever. She believes he will find love and he is hurt he said he loved her and it wasn’t returned.

The next day, she goes on her date with Bryan, who, in Rachel’s words, puts it all out there. Not much happens….which is….odd.

She and Peter go to a church and talk to a priest for their date and then have a long talk about the future. He is scared to propose and says he wants to go though the proposal and marriage thing once. She is even more confused about where they stand.

He is willing to make a sacrifice for her and propose because he thinks she is the right person. However, she doesn’t think this is the right thing to do and is upset about his contradiction. He says losing her would hurt even more than anything. He finally kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Both of them are crying and he feels as if there is something wrong with him.

So did they break up or not? I am so freaking confused!

So back to the live show—it seems like they did end things, but it was left without much closure. Ah, this show is getting on my nerves.

Live show again—I hate this new format…anyway, Peter comes out and they talk things out once again. She thinks they were in different places and that their relationship reminded her of her one with her ex. She also thinks the show is not the right platform for him to try and find love, which makes me think he is NOT the Bachelor next season.

Both of them are still frustrated and can we please move on already? So it looks like it is over between them—and they wish each other the best. She is happy she finally has closure.

Now she is questioning her relationship with Bryan? I cannot deal—headdesk.

Bryan picks a ring that looks like every single ring we have seen on the show for the past several seasons. Thanks, Neil Lane!

At the rose ceremony, she says he is her forever and he finally proposes. She says yes and gives him the final rose. She seems more excited about the ring than being with him.

At the live show, which is now the After The Final Rose, the happy couple is reunited and he re-proposes. We also find out he used the alias Jerome in order to prevent spoilers from being leaked.

There are no immediate wedding plans, but his mother finally gave her seal of approval.

We also get a sneak peek of Bachelor in Paradise. It looks like all the controversy will be shown…and yeah….not sure what to think.

Tune in next week for BIP!

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