‘The Bachelorette’ 2017 Recap: What Down On Week 3 of Rachel’s Journey?

Tonight was a great night on “The Bachelorette.” During week three, it was time for Rachel to send a few guys home and start getting closer to finding the one. It starts out with Rachel letting DeMario explain himself while everyone watches. He admits to messing up, but Rachel still sends him home.

The cocktail party continues and the only noteworthy moment is the fact that Jonathan has huge hand pillows to tickle Rachel.

Blake continues to complain over Whaboom, who just seems sweet, if not a bit insecure. He then begins talking about a banana….and I don’t even know.

Rose ceremony:

Bryan, Bryce, Eric, Anthony, Will, Jonathan, Jack, Matt, Alex, Adam, Kenny, Brady, Lee, Iggy, Fred and Diggy all get roses.

Whaboom, Blake, and Jamey are all sent home. Blake is very upset, as is Whaboom. The two of them actually get into a fight. Whaboom is giving his goodbye speech when Blake comes over and attacks him by saying he is a piece of s**t who wants to be famous. Again, pot, kettle, black. They start screaming at each other and in all honesty, I feel bad for Whaboom because he didn’t even do anything wrong, really. Yes, he was a bit over the top, but other than the banana story, he stayed out of the drama. That was all on Blake.

The next day arrives, and we get to some dates.

Date 1: Fred, Alex, Jonathan, Bryan, Will, & Peter go on Ellen to meet her and actually be on the show. The two ladies talking is so cute. How can you not love Ellen DeGeneres? Or Rachel?

Did anyone see this episode? I’m always at work when the show is on and really only watch when I am off or at the gym. The ladies chat a bit, and then the guys go on stage.

Ellen has them dance for the audience and take their shirts off. There are even dollar bills involved. The best moment was when someone’s grandma got a lap dance, and Alex apologizes to ‘whosever grandma that was.’

Then there is a game of Never Have I Ever. It is…quite interesting to say the least.

I have to say I feel bad for Fred because Rachel keeps bringing up the past. He is right, he isn’t the same kid he was then. He changed for what seems to be the better, and it would actually be sweet if they get together.

After the show, they all mingle and get to know each other. Fred asks permission to kiss her, and it is very sweet. However, she sends him home because she can’t stop seeing him as the boy she once knew.

Alex gets the rose.

Date 2: Anthony is on this date, and she greets him on a horse. She has one for him too, and they go riding on Rodeo drive. They also go shopping and get cupcakes. They also have dinner where nothing worth recapping occurs.

He gets a rose.

There is some fighting going on in the house, and I couldn’t care less.

Date 3: Eric, Kenny, Bryce, Brady, Adam, Lee, Dean, and Jack are all on this date. Corrine, Raven, Jasmine and Alexis join them.

Raven has Bryce do a pole dance, which leads to the other guys dancing as well.

They do mud wrestling, and the girls take turns talking to the guys. They tell Rachel how they feel and it seems like they aren’t really impressed with Eric. Rachel is left more confused than ever.

At the after party, Rachel gets a striptease from Kenny. Apparently, he is a former Chippendales dancer.

Lee and Eric get into a fight over Eric’s supposed motives and issues. Eric wishes Lee would have minded his own business, while Lee thinks he isn’t genuine. Or something. Both of them are being immature and annoying.

Eric gets the rose, so apparently, she decided to make her own decision about him.

At the cocktail party, the guys are talking about Eric, which upsets Rachel. She decides to confront him, which gets him upset. He then goes to confront the guys, which leads to him fighting with Lee.

Stay tuned for more in two weeks! Next week, there is a repeat on due to basketball.

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