‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Episode One Recap

Tonight was the big premiere of the new season of “America’s Got Talent.” If you missed it, here is your recap!

The first act consists of Sadie, Shannon and a chicken who plays a keyboard. It just reminds me of that Golden Girls episode where Rose had that talented chicken she thought Angela killed. That’s all I can think of during this segment. The judges are bewildered, but intrigued, so they send them to the next round.

Preacher Lawson is a comedian that is hilarious….and so good that they beg him for more. He comes up with something on the spot, and everyone falls in love. He is sent to the next round and calls his grandma to celebrate.

Yogi is a singer who used to struggle with body image. She finally realized singing is her life and she would be nothing without her talent. She starts to sing, but stops. Simon says it isn’t working and has her try a song that is more ‘her.’ Tyra helps her out, and then we see Yoli blossom before our eyes. She is sent to the next round.

The next act involves Tyra and Howie. It seems like a comical magic act and is quite different from things we have seen in the past. He is sent home….in lingerie. I am…confused.

We get more rejected acts, and then we see a brother/sister dance act. Junior talks about how he fell into a bad crowd and that dance and his sister saved him. They are actually quite good, like the Latin version of the Houghs. They make it to the next round.

Will Tsai does a monologue with a rose that leads to a card and coin trick. It is breathtaking. Everyone is on their feet cheering for him a he moves to the next round.

Then we get to a dancing President Trump impersonator. It’s quite entertaining, and I don’t quite know what to think. He makes it to the next round.

We even get to see Simon’s son ‘help’ judge. It is so cute and sweet. This leads to the kid’s acts.

Merrick is a dancer who reminds me of that dude from season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance and Superstars of Dance. He does his routine to I Built A Friend, and it is quite moving. The judges love him and send him to the next round.

Puddles the clown sings an almost operatic version of Chandelier that is quite good. He gets four yeses.

Damien is an escape artist. There is one very scary moment where we think we lose him, but then he appears again. It is incredible and gets sent to the next round.

I have no idea why my NBC affiliate is acting up all of a sudden.

We see a ventriloquist act that I actually end up missing because my station is acting up. It got a standing ovation, so I guess it was good? It also gets the Golden Buzzer from Mel B.

Stay tuned for more next time!

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