Masterchef Junior Recap : Who Went Home On March 9?

Tonight Fox aired a new episode of “Masterchef Junior.” We are down to sixteen child cooks, all of whom are hoping to win the prize money and of course the title of Masterchef Junior Champion. This week, they are cooking for California’s first responders.

Shayne and Adam are the team captains. Shayne is Team Red, and Adam is Team Blue. They each pick their team and must cook a filet mignon with two sides and a sauce.

Both teams seem overwhelmed and disorganized. Chef Ramsay even loses his patience with them, which is rare for this show. Chef Tosi also questions why the red team is cooking their meat so early.

Blue Team: They attempt to make gnocchi, but it ends up taking too much time, so they take Chef Ramsay’s advice and make mashed potatoes instead. They run into trouble when their meat is too rare, and in some cases, raw, so they have to recook it and start over. They get overwhelmed and frustrated, which causes them to struggle even more.

They also run into trouble when Charlie gets sick and has to sit out for the duration of the task.

They are able to get their food out and impress the first responders.

Red Team: They also have raw and rare meat, causing Chef Ramsay to wonder if they even want to be there in the first place. They also didn’t make enough potatoes, so they fall behind. Despite their struggles, they are able to rebound and get their food out in time.

Winner: Red Team

Elimination: Charlie and Gonzalo from the blue team.

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