‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Part Two Of Overnight Dates Recap

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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor,  we will see Rachel and Vanessa have their overnight dates and find out the question that has been haunting us since last Monday—did Nick give Raven the orgasm she was waiting for her entire life?

Based on what we see—her making snow angels, skipping around town and playing with dogs, not to mention that smile—it looks like it was a big YES. (Big O? Big OH YES?) Anyway, she looks like she is a very happy woman. Uh, good for her, I guess.

There are three hours of this tonight. Luckily, I have wine and Girl Scout cookies.

Rachel’s Date:

She loves the winter wonderland feel of Finland and is excited to spend time with Nick. They go skiing, which she sucks at, but she says at least they are having fun together.

They see reindeer, and she wants to know if they have seen Santa. Okay, then!

As for her feelings, she admits that she is in love with him, but wonders if she should say anything because she doesn’t know how HE feels. She also knows that there are other women involved. This leads to her talking about her fear of rejection, and he admits he has his own fears. The talk goes on for quite awhile—with some sort of sledding adventure in between—and he tells her to go with her heart.

She admits she is falling in love with him and he says he is also falling 100%. He gives her the fantasy suite card, and they decide to spend the night together.

The next morning, he makes her breakfast before he leaves for his next date. That has to feel crappy for Rachel. ‘Good morning, I just spent the night with you, but now I have another date, so see ya?’

Vanessa’s Date: 

She has fears because she isn’t sure how things went on her hometown date. She feels it didn’t go as well as she wanted, yet he feels it went great.

Their date is them going back and forth doing some sort of play ice jump or some such nonsense. While in the pool, they talk about their future and how she refuses to give up her Sunday lunches with her family.

She is falling for him but is upset because he doesn’t seem to be as serious about the relationship as she is, especially when it comes to family.

He is actually interested in her family and wants to do anything for her, but questions living in Canada. They continue to discuss their feelings, and to be honest, I tune out. All I know is she says she loves him.

They spend the night together after she accepts the fantasy suite.

After the girls reflect on their nights with Nick, we get to the rose ceremony. He drags on forever, crying and thanking them and going on about the journey.

Raven and Vanessa both get roses, which means Rachel is going home. She is also the new Bachelorette, so at least she has another chance at love!

Onto the Women Tell All!

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