‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Starts The Overnight Dates

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We are at the Fantasy Suite episode of “The Bachelor”—at least one part of it. Tonight, we only see part of it due to the “When We Rise” premiere. I am torn, I want to see it, but I have a serious “Bachelor” addiction too—so let’s see what happens in this one hour we get. I have my Bachelor Fantasy Suite wine ready (Cabernet Sauvignon for those who are curious. It is quite good, although I am not much of a dry wine girl) and ready to see what happens!

Before we get to all that, Andi Dorfman surprises him with a visit, and they sit down to have some whiskey and talk about his experience as The Bachelor. I know he was on her season, but why would she visit him? He slut shamed her, she bashed him in her book….it makes no sense whatsoever. I know he wants advice, but I doubt I would go to someone who treated me like that in public. He should have just gone to one of the other Bachelors…..or better yet, Jorge….because he is Jorge.

She basically tells him to do whatever he wants and if he wants to take it to the intimate level, he should. They also apologize to each other for things they said in the past.

This was pretty pointless. I guess they have closure now, but this was a waste of ten minutes.

The remaining four girls are full of anxiety as they prepare for the rose ceremony and Nick is worried about choosing his final three.

Rose ceremony time. They are all cold and want it over with so they know where they stand.

Raven and Rachel get roses. The final rose of the night—since none of them can count to three and figure it out without Chris Harrison pointing out that it is the final rose—goes to Vanessa, sending Corrine home. She is a basket case, but Nick comforts her and says she did nothing wrong.

I have to say, I am going to miss her and her snarky, Paris Hilton type behavior. I know most people hated her, but honestly, she wasn’t as bad as other ‘villains’ we have seen in the past. As much as I make fun of these girls who cry after being sent home (after all, they spent only a few hours alone with The Bachelor—tops.) but she actually brings up something very important. She says she always wanted to impress men and now she is done. This is something ladies need to hear. I know I made this mistake more than once and it ended in disaster. Now that I stopped trying to impress, things are slowly and surely working out for me. Good for you, Corrine.

We are now in Finland for the Fantasy Suite dates.

Raven gets the first date, and they explore Finland via helicopter, followed by dinner by the fire. She can’t cook but can fold laundry. No word on if she knows how to wash a spoon.

Tonight is a big night for her because it is the fantasy suite date. She worries about getting her heart broken because she is going to have sex with him. She was only with one man before and never had an orgasm. TMI. I really don’t want to know about your orgasms or lack thereof. Also, you’re not obligated to have sex with Nick.

She also expresses her feelings for him and admits she is falling in love. She says sex is something she takes very seriously and worries she isn’t as experienced as the other girls.

They get their fantasy suite card, and she happily accepts. She then gives her only been with one man/never had an orgasm revelation.

We end with the two of them in bed kissing.

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