Reality Steve Teases Girl From Nick Viall’s Past On This Season: Could It Be Lauren Iaconetti?

The spoilers for Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor” 2017 are already coming out, and of course, fans are trying to figure out exactly how it all ends. Reality Steve went to Twitter and shared some big spoilers. He shared that someone from Nick’s past would be on this season. He then said, “More hints: this person from Nick’s past is a female (Wasn’t trying to trick you), is a contestant & is connected in the franchise.”

Now fans are trying to figure out who it might be. A few think that it could be Jen Saviano because she had a connection with Nick during the last season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Just three days ago, she posted on Instagram and was right in the middle of the hurricane, even though she is okay. This shows that Jen isn’t the one joining the show.

After a ton of searching on social networks, it appears that Lauren Iaconetti could be the one who is joining the show. She is Ashley I’s sister and was even on “Bachelor in Paradise.” It has been two weeks since she posted on any of her social networks at all. She does know Nick, so you never know.

Are you shocked to hear that Lauren Iaconetti could be the one joining Nick Vialls’ season of “The Bachelor” 2017? Do you think it is going to be her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of “The Bachelor” 2017 with Nick Viall starting on ABC in January.

Update: Another name being thrown around is Izzy Goodkind. You can read more on According 2 Mandy.

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Update: Update: Of course, Steve went to his blog account and shared who it is joining this season. The girl joining this season is Elizabeth Sandoz. She was Jade Roper Tolbert’s maid of honor at her wedding to Tanner and hooked up with Nick Viall after the wedding. They didn’t talk again, but she joined the show and did mention to a girl that she had “met” Nick before. The two go on the second group date, chat and he sends her home after they talk during the date. If Lauren is joining this season, then nobody knows it yet.



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