Mark Ballas Shares Thoughts On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ This Season, Watching As a Fan

This season fans are missing seeing Mark Ballas on “Dancing With the Stars,” but that doesn’t mean that he is just ignoring the show. Us Magazine shared the details about what Mark had to say about how he is watching the show as a fan now.

Mark took a break from “DWTS” so he could play singer Frankie Valli in the last few months of Jersey Boys‘ Broadway run. This was a chance that Mark just couldn’t turn down.

Ballas actually shared that he is going to miss the show, but is excited to watch it as a “fan.” It has to be really different seeing it that way and having the chance to pick a favorite based on how they are performing each week instead of thinking of it as someone you are competing against.

Mark also shared about how he got the role as Frankie Valli. Here is what he had to say.

“I went and auditioned, old school! I didn’t cut any lines! I sent in my tapes like everyone else. The producers liked my tapes, so then I went to New York and auditioned, did the two-hour dance call, singing call, acting call. I did it all the way you’re meant to do it. And after my New York set of auditions, I was coming home and I was on the plane literally about to take off and I got the call.”

Do you miss seeing Mark Ballas this season on “DWTS”? Do you think he should come back next season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.


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