Evan Bass Teases That He Has Found Who Will Officiate Wedding to Carly Waddell

Tonight everyone got the chance to see the finale of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Evan Bass is now engaged to Carly Waddell, and these two could not be more in love. Now that they are allowed to post on social networks the cast of “Bachelor in Paradise” is going a bit crazy.

Evan went to his Twitter tonight and shared that they have figured out who will officiate their wedding. He didn’t say that it would be Chris Harrison like everyone assumed, though. The post said, “Y’all NICK IS OFFICIATING OUR WEDDING.” Of course, everyone is assuming he means Nick Viall, which would make for a great wedding. You never know if he is serious or not, but fans are loving the idea.

After this tweet, Nick Viall went to his Twitter to share that this was the plan. He said, “I was promised by @ebassclinics & @carlywaddell that I get to officiate their wedding. So there is that. Love you guys #BachelorInParadise.”

At this time, Evan and Carly haven’t shared any wedding plans, but she did say that she has been slowing moving into his place. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if they get married soon. Carly did ask her friend Jade to be in her wedding.

One other thing that Evan Bass shared on Twitter tonight is that he has been crying a lot tonight, and it is an amazing feeling. Evan and Carly seem really excited to be able to be out in the real world and let everyone know they are engaged and in love.

Do you think that Carly and Evan will really have Nick Viall officiate their wedding? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.


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