Ryan Lochte Wants To Fix Reputation By Joining ‘DWTS’

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte just ruined his reputation with the big “robbing” scandal. Now Lochte knows that he needs to get his reputation back, or he will lose everything. He has already lost some of his sponsors. Radar Online shared that Ryan Lochte is hoping to join “Dancing With the Stars” and work on making people love him once again.

A source shared about Lochte wanting to join the show saying, “Lochte has agreed to season 23 of Dancing With The Stars. This is all part of a well-orchestrated and carefully planned career redemption tour being organized by some of the best public relations advisors and crisis managers in the business.”

The source went on to say that Simone Biles won’t be able to do the show. It is really obvious that everyone wants an Olympian on the show. Another source did say that Ryan Lochte has been in talks with ABC since before all the drama went down.

Do you think that Ryan Lochte should join “DWTS” this season? Do you think this would help his reputation? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and make sure you check out my “Dancing With the Stars” Fans Unite group on Facebook.


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