Nyle DiMarco Says He Doesn’t Need To Hear The Music To Dance Great On ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Nyle DiMarco is joining season 22 of “Dancing With the Stars” and one interesting thing about Nyle is that he is deaf. Some people wonder how he can do the show, but Nyle says he doesn’t need to hear the music to do great on this series. People shared what Nyle DiMarco had to say in his blog. If you are wondering where you know Nyle DiMarco from, he was a winner on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Nyle admitted that he is surprising himself that he can actually dance and also surprised Peta Murgatroyd, his partner, when she realized he can really dance as well. He shared that he doesn’t have to hear the music. Here is what Nyle had to say about it.

“Rehearsal this week has been good, but one time we actually tried to make the music as loud as possible to let me hear the music and I felt the vibrations but when we started dancing, it felt off. I realized something new about myself. Even though I’m a deaf, I think that I should always stay that way [when I don’t hear the music,] I dance well!”

Do you think that Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd have a chance to win this season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Don’t miss new episodes on Monday nights and check out my group on Facebook for “DWTS” spoilers, chat and more!


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