Ben Higgins Reveals The Real Reason He Didn’t Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Ben Higgins just finished his time on “The Bachelor” 2016 and the rumors had been swirling that he would end up on “Dancing With the Stars” next. Now Ben isn’t on the cast list and he is speaking out on why he chose not to do the show. IB Times shared what Ben said during a press call today.

“My focus was not on what was next, it was on Lauren and [me] and any decision that was made post, you know, the show. … Whatever decision was made next for our relationship was based on what was best for us. And I believe that what’s best for us right now is really kind of strengthen who we are as a couple and spend as much time together as possible.”

Now you never know if Ben Higgins is going to end up deciding that he wants to do the show in the future. It is always best for “Dancing With the Stars” if someone joins as soon as the show is over because it will help the ratings, but Ben Higgins could be welcome on a future season of the show.

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