‘Big Brother 17’ recap for June 28

Episode three of “Big Brother 17” aired tonight and the first Battle of the Block competition ran its course. As the game starts, James and Jason are in charge at first but only for the moment since one of them will be eliminated as the Head of Household after tonight’s game is over. According to the Big Brother Network on June 28, they need nominees first and four of them are chosen before they all head out back for the first Battle of the Block competition. This is when one will escape the block and win the competition.

Phil Keoghan of “The Amazing Race” comes back for the two houseguests who sat out and they get news that they are safe at least until next week. However, now the pressure is on them since they get to choose a houseguest to take with them. Vanessa and Davonne each get to choose one and only one, though. Vanessa decides she wants to choose someone strong who will be able to help her later. However, Davonne is afraid to choose someone from her alliance because then this might reveal the arrangement they have going on. Vanessa ends up choosing Austin and Davonne chooses Liz to keep safe with them, at least until next week.

Now Shelli seems to be upset that Davonne didn’t choose her or Audrey since they are supposed to have an arrangement. However, Shelli doesn’t seem to stay upset too long since she is cuddling up with Clay. We seem to have a showomance going on with these two.

The Battle of the Block competition looks pretty awesome and looks as though everyone is drunk since they keep falling down. The game is this: They have to carry blocks along a girder beam to build a tower on the other side. Becky and John take a good lead at the end and they end up winning and dethroning Jason from the HOH. Don’t miss the new episodes of “Big Brother 17” three times a week on CBS. Make sure you join my Big Brother Fans Unite group on Facebook for the latest news!


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