‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6 Preview Gives Fans a Few Spoilers

“Gossip Girl” is coming to an end! Please say it isn’t true. Honestly the CW always does away with my favorite shows. I am going to miss “One Tree Hill” enough already and now they take away “Gossip Girl.” Let’s just hope some new shows can fill the void.

In a new preview for season 6 of “Gossip Girl,” fans are given a few clues on what we can expect. It starts out with a short recap of the things we have seen in the past on the show. The preview shows Chuck Bass yelling at his dad Bart about all of the work he has done. Will he take Bart down in the end?

One big hint in the preview is that there will be a wedding! We don’t know who is getting married, but Chuck seems shocked. Chuck even says to Blair that his bet is on them making us think they will make it work. Blair and Chuck are made for each other!

Are you ready for “Gossip Girls” final season? Check out the preview below!


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