‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ 2012 Spoiler: Who are the Final Two This Season?

“The Celebrity Apprentice” is coming to an end and fans were left with a cliffhanger last night. You shouldn’t be able to find out until next week who the final two are going to be, but spoilers are out and the final two have been figured out.

Next week fans will find out that Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall are going to make it to the end. Does this final two surprise you at all?

I am not surprised by the spoilers. Clay Aiken has done a great job of staying out of the drama and stepping up when he needed to do it. Arsenio Hall has done some arguing, but has worked hard and never disappoints in a task.

Who do you think will win in the end? My guess is Clay Aiken. He has made a lot of friends this season who will be helping him out in the end. The last task is usually one where you have to earn a lot of money and Clay seems to know what he is doing in this area. Sound off in the comments on who you think will win this season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” 2012.

Check out this slideshow of pictures of the cast!



  • Bailey
    May 8, 2012

    I think the money will win out. He seems like he’d be able to bring in the dollars.

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