Paige Wyatt Talks About EverythingWyatt.Com

Paige Wyatt is known for her time on “American Guns.” She helps run the store with her family, but Paige also has a huge passion for fashion as well.

Paige Wyatt has a website called This site is full of great things you can buy from clothes to autographed pictures.

In an interview with Paige Wyatt after the show tonight, I was able to find out a bit more about her future plans. She is working on stickers and new merchandise for the store. Paige is getting ready to have a fun photo shoot that will be all cowboys and Indians. She is hoping to get some great pictures from the shoot that she can autograph and add to the site for fans.

Paige said that they are still filming season 2 of the show and that she has been more involved with the big gun builds. We will get to see a lot more of her later in the season of “American Guns.”