McCrae of ‘Big Brother 15′ is on 2 Gingers Commercial

McCrae of “Big Brother 15″ joined the show saying that he is just a pizza delivery boy. He hasn’t admitted to having another job, but it looks like he is a liar just like the rest of this terrible cast. I am not a fan of this season.

He is actually on a commercial for 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. I recently reviewed this whiskey and was shocked to find McRae on the commercial. He is on it about 30 seconds in and it is very obvious that it the same guy that is on “BB15″ having sex with Amanda in the house.

So what do you think about this commercial? It makes me think that McCrae is possibly looking for an acting career and is hoping the show is going to help him along. It’s too bad he ended up on the worst season of this show ever. Check out the 2 Gingers commercial below.

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