How To Grow A Following For Your Travel Blog And Instagram Account

Travel blogging is an amazing and very rewarding venture, and you want to show the world what you’ve seen and the experiences you’ve had. As everyone knows, I write about reality TV, but I also love to blog about travel and I am starting to add more of it every day.

If your blog or Instagram accounts don’t have enough interaction, you need to do something to change this. Here are a few tips you might want to consider.

  1. Stay Updated

The internet is awash with different social media channels that have even the social media savvy individuals confused; this is not likely to get any better because more and more channels keep popping up. The goals of staying updated about social media does not mean that you should have accounts on every channel. It does, however, call for staying up to date with trending issues in the world of social media. In doing so, you will be in a better position to choose which channels suit your needs.

  1. Try Out New Channels

The most obvious action with many people when choosing social media channels is picking the most popular without considering their potential of growth. Sometimes the small or new channels may be a blessing.

Achieving a wider online outreach when using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can be difficult more so when you are competing with thousands of individuals eyeing the same objective. However, the rewards are significant if your efforts do give you a wider online outreach. Looking to smaller or new channels such as MEMRY is a promising thing since they offer a lesser competition thus a bigger outreach than the popular channels. Think of how far the bloggers who jumped on the LookBook wagon are gone; a good example is Chiara Ferragni who immersed a huge following from the network to become one the biggest and leading Fashion Bloggers in the World.

  1. Have An Identity

The networking platform is a jungle full of social media influencers and bloggers all in search of new followers. The stiff competition calls for making witty choices such as identifying a suitable niche. Look for something unique from all the common things similar to your needs and get inspired to come up with what will become your identity.

Take a look at FoodieWoogie, SymmteryBreakfast, or LiChiPan just to get a clear picture of the game strategy you need to employ.

  1. Engage With Your Followers

Backing new fans may be relatively easy, but you need to keep them engage if you want them to keep following you. You have vast options of achieving this; you can ask them about their views about your posts. You can as well inquire if there is something special they hope to hear from you in the coming days. The idea is to make them feel as if they know you.

Do a mix of the posts, literature, podcast, and others and consider running a small competition to keep your followers excited. Adding some likes to Instagram posts can make them look popular and can help encourage people to engage.

  1. Use # (Hashtags)

Hashtags are a convenient way of generating trending discussions, and you should consider making use of these if you need you have a wide reach. Users search for relevant accounts and information based on hashtags thus they are tools that you can leverage to make it easier for people to find you. Find a few trending hashtags that associate with your posts, and you will capture the attention of your target audience and start getting new followers.

  1. Tag, tag, tag

How else is in the pictures you post on Instagram? Tag them. What designer brands do you have on in the pictures? Tag the names. Tag everything or everyone of importance that you have in your Instagram pics and remember to give credits where they are due. Tagging makes your pictures visible in the profiles of those you tag.

  1. Put Yourself Out There

Online, if you are unseen you become irrelevant; it’s that straightforward and such is the game when leveraging social media. Do not, at any moment, think that you can start an account and you will get hordes of followers. You need to put your back into it by putting yourself out there and be seen and heard.

Now, what strategy will you employ besides that of using hashtags and tagging? The strategy will be to comment and like what others post. Search for hashtags that relate to your niche and like and comment on the post. Then take a back seat and see what the outcomes that interactions will be and how fast your account will get a significant following.

Consider putting the above tips into account, and you will have a large following for your blogs and social media channels.


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