Meri Brown Starts a New Career: What Is This ‘Sister Wives’ Star Doing Now?

Meri Brown of “Sister Wives” has done a few things for work in the past, but now with an empty nest, it turns out that Meri has found a new career. The reality star has actually started selling a very popular clothing line called LuLaRoe. They offer leggings and adorable shirts that will fit any woman. I have to admit I have a few myself and I love them! I can see why Meri Brown would decide to sell it!

Now Meri is sharing about this new job on her Instagram page. Meri only had a Twitter for quite some time, but she has now added an Instagram, and it is all about her business. Meri posts pictures of herself in the clothes and more. It looks like she is really enjoying it so far, too! She just started this account three weeks ago, but Meri has already posted a few pictures of herself on the page.

So what do you think of Meri Brown’s new job idea? Do you think that selling LuLaRoe is going to end up helping their finances as a family? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Hopefully, news comes out soon about another season of “Sister Wives” on TLC.

[Image Via Instagram]


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  • Diane
    November 3, 2016

    Meri take care of yourself. Don’t give Cody anything.

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