Kia 2013 Super Bowl Ad shows Robots and More

There is a new Kia ad out for the 2013 Super Bowl. In this one, Kia shows robots and this is going to impress fans. This commercial is already online and it is about 40 seconds long. That must have cost them a lot of money! What do you think of this ad? Check it out below.

5 thoughts on “Kia 2013 Super Bowl Ad shows Robots and More

    1. MM_SP

      Women are more often the instigators of domestic violence and they are responsible for about half of all domestic violence, but we aren’t given that information because we are supposed to believe it only happens to women. Thankfully the internet exists to shine a light on those who would advocate supremacy while pretending to be about equality.

    2. Koollaid

      This is the one of the most inappropriate messages that our society is allowing in an advertising commercial. Would we even see a “male” robot do the same to a “female” customer? No, we would not. Why is it “ok” for a Male customer to get beat up? Can he go get his “male” robot to return and smash the female robot? The double standard and unequal society we call the “united” states


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