Get to Know Catherine Giudici from ‘The Bachelor’ 2013 with Sean Lowe

Catherine Giudici is trying to win Sean Lowe’s heart on “The Bachelor” 2013. If spoilers are right, it sounds like she is doing a pretty good job at it too. If you want to get to know Catherine and a few spoilers on how she does on the show keep reading. If spoilers aren’t your thing, you better stop now.

Here are some great facts about Catherine:

  • Huge spoiler alert: According to Reality Steve, she makes it to the hometown dates.  They enjoyed taking a picture with a pig statue and more on their date.
  • She writes about Vegan food.
  • Catherine was born in Seattle, Washington. That is where they go on their hometown date as well.
  • She works as a virtual designer for Amazon.
  • She recently took a trip to Kenya.
  • Catherine does consider herself a romantic at heart.

“The Bachelor” 2013 with Sean Lowe will begin airing in January of 2013 on ABC.

Huge Update: Click here to find out how far Reality Steve says she makes it!

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9 thoughts on “Get to Know Catherine Giudici from ‘The Bachelor’ 2013 with Sean Lowe

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    1. Stacy

      I don’t think she is the best pick, esp if he eats normal food and she only vegan that alone should be a deal breaker!!

      1. AngelleAnn

        Depends on your definition of “normal”.
        A guy as into his body as Sean is would probably LOVE a Vegan, she can help him and teach how to actually truly eat “normal” food.
        Some people consider the food Vegan’s eat to be natural and “normal” compared to the food the maojority of people eat which is mam made w synthetics and injected with god knows what preservatives and other “things”. Normal food is not really all that normal at all : ) And people wonder why they are fat? Look what americans shove down their throats…it is disgusting.

  4. Fran Young

    I just love Catherine.She’s funny,cute full of personality. I think they would be great together. They both have such great hearts.I sure wish I could have met Sean!!!


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