My SisterWifes Closet Website Launches for Stars of ‘Sister Wives’

Tonight fans got to see the season finale of “Sister Wives.” This episode showed the Brown family looking over the stuff for their new business My SisterWifes Closet. This new business is a great opportunity for the Brown family.

You can check out the website My SisterWifes Closet. This site already features jewelry for sale. This site has a great variety up already and they are planning to add in accessories and clothing later.

If you want to purchase their items, you can check them out on the website. The items are already ready to order. They talked on the show about the fact that the jewelry is not just for women that have Sister Wives, but it also for strong women. On Twitter, Meri even discussed with a fan that these rings would be great for a mother and a daughter. The jewelry on My SisterWifes Closet is there for every woman.

The season finale of “Sister Wives” aired tonight on TLC.

On Dec. 16, the site went down for a bit because of high views with the airing of a new episode. Check out more about it on Examiner.

55 thoughts on “My SisterWifes Closet Website Launches for Stars of ‘Sister Wives’

  1. Angie

    I watch your show all the time and I think all of you are beautiful people who now have a wonderful jewelry business. Keep and the good work and always have faith in the good Lord. Love you all!

  2. Diane

    Love your show. Hope the houses work out. All you guys are lovely. Tried to see your jewelery but couldn’t get in there.
    So good luck and congrats Christine on passing your real estate test.

  3. Carol Allan

    I LOVE your show! I never miss it. You are such beautiful people inside and out. I also tried to get on your website to see the jewelry but couldn’t get on. I hope your show goes on and on!!

    1. Joyce

      I love jewelry but hate yours. It’s bulky, not attractive at all, has no meaning to most people…stupid, ugly idea. Fingers on the hands are ridiculous. Also, ridiculous to try to sell something that expensive.

      So sorry about your dog.

      Meri, don’t have more children. You’re too old and there are too many kids.

      1. Katharine

        Wow Joyce, judge folks much? When you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe you should keep your [mean] thoughts to yourself. Just sayin’.

        1. Elizabeth

          I agree if you have mean thoughts keep them to your self. People do have feelins, and all you have to say i you dont like it. I think that they are great!

        2. moyerBrenda

          I agree let mari make up her oun mind ,I tried to get on the web site to purchase some I can not get in.what is going on?

          1. moyerBrenda

            how can I buy some of the jelwery can not get into site anyone know? and mari I pray you have another baby if you want.

        3. Jacquline Ford

          Get off Joyce’s case people. She expressed an opinion. And these people choose to be in the public eye so they have to expect these kinds of comments. And just curious about the people that are buying this jewelry…does it bother you that you are supporting felons?

      2. jennifer

        Wow could you possibly be any more rude? If you were in a public situation where you had people saying those kinds of things to you or your family how would you feel? There is absolutely no reason to speak like that to someone: it goes way beyond constructive criticism. People like you are what’s wrong with society today.

      3. Angie

        That was RUDE!!!!! Its not your buisness to tell Meri not to have another baby and shes NOT!!! Old, your just jealous. Stay off there site!

        1. tish

          I agree about the jewelry kinds reminds me of swapmeet jewelry from the 70’s. I also agree that merit should not chose to have another kid….but that is really her business.

          1. A

            I do kind of agree with Joyce, on the jewelry part…I mean let’s be real. Business is business- nothing personal. And sometimes you need to hear the truth so that they can better their business. Its A BUSINESS. And the Jewelry is not that appealing to a lot. I’d like to see the reciepts of all the people on this blog that are buying their products. You guys like the product so much- you must’ve bought right?? Exactly….

      4. wendy wheeler

        Didn;t your mother ever teach you that if you dont have something nice to say to someone, then just shut up!!!You are a very rude person.And i pray that Mary gets her baby.I cried along with you and your family when you had to put your dog down, it was heartbreaking.But u guys r the best and keep up the great work.

  4. Sally S

    I am a huge fan of your show SISTER WIVES and I just love your whole family. Just got done watching my taped SISTER WIVES for this week—had church to go to earlier—-anyway—-was excited when I realized MY SISTER WIVES CLOSET was now on the internet—-HELP! HELP! I am unable to get on. I see other people are having trouble also. I will contiune to check daily.
    God Bless all of you—

  5. Beverly Benson

    Was trying to look at your website after seeing it launched on the program tonight. Enjoy your show. When will you be back up?

  6. Jennifer Estep

    I have always thought of all of you to be so brave and couragerous to put your beliefs on the air and turn away from what others might say or believe. I was so hoping to look at your jewelry line and possibly if financially able to, to help you out and but something but like others we aren’t able to access it. Hope it is up and running soon for us to look at. Keep up your fight and your inner strength for yourselves as well as for your other sister wives. Things will turn out for the best as long as you believe that they are suppose to be that way.Thank you.

  7. Woodsgal

    I love watching the show. You are all so nice, kind and interesting. My only question though is, how come each of you lovely ladies wrote out a check for your homes but I did not see Kody submit a check. Why not? This really has bothered me.

  8. Donna Evans

    Cant access your web site at all,I watch your show not crazy about your lifestyle but I am not a judge of that, I think the ladies are all true blue and the kids are amazing, but I dont know why your all with Kody sorry, I think he is flakey, I wish you ladies success, and I hope all of your dreams come true,D.L.E

  9. kathy pollock

    I love your show and I don’t miss not one show. I don’t watch many shows but I think you are all beautiful loving familes. How you manage to get all your kids together shows the love that the older ones have for one another and their parents. I hope you let us enjoy seeing your familes grow and have your show for a long long time. It’s nice to see real families with real problems and the tasks of daily life. We love you all. Best wishes and Happy Hoildays…………..

    1. Donna Adams

      I love your show also I like true stories . I did try to see your products , but it would not open for me either. God bless you and yours ..

  10. sheila kelley-mcintyre

    I love your show and have been watcing since the beginning
    You are all so delightful and have true family values..
    more non plural marriages could take a lesson from you

    I am divorced (wink wink Cody hahaha) No a bit long in the tooth for you at 65 years old

    I have viewed the site and intend to purchase someting once the Christmas season is over
    I am also anxious to see your clothing line
    Keep up the great work
    anyway good luck on the new venture and also my condolences on the loss of Drake
    Sheila K McIntyre

  11. Carole Carr

    wonder why you just didn’t buy a apt building and revamp into apartments for each wife? Then kids could have just gone from place to place easier. I think the wives want too much in their houses, remember they are building “homes”!!

  12. Q

    I love the show, thanks Brown Family! For those who cannot access the site, use Firefox. It loads fine for me.
    The idea of buying and converting an apt building is fantastic, however they probably couldn’t get large enough apts, enough bdrms, as well as a sufficiently sized yard. Who cares what the wives want, let them have it. You only live once so why not enjoy!

  13. Cathy

    Hi Brown family, I love the show been watching seen it first aired. I also have read your book. You are really a special family. Everyone could learn something from you guys. It makes me want a sister wife. The jewelry line is nice but I couldn’t find something that would be rite for me. I will keep watching the show. Alot of people may try to jugde you but there is only ONE juge, The Lord. People can be so hurtfull because they are truely lacking happiness themselves. Take care!

  14. Arra Lindley

    I watch your show all the time. I love your family and you have beautiful children. I wanted to look at your site to see what you have to sell. Thought I would get some christmas things. But, unfortunately it stated above “On Dec. 16, the site went down for a bit because of high views with the airing of a new episode.” I was heart broke not to be able to check it out and see if I could find something to buy. Maybe next time. I wish you all Happy Holidays and hope the build of the homes goes well and you all can be very happy.
    Devoted Fan

  15. linda

    why should we buy your off the wall stuff to help you build homes mert is selfish i dont want sliding doors is what she said thats why the stuff is to much money she takes too much i do like the other 2 wifes but robin is sneaky meri why do you need 5 bedrooms why do you take from other sister wives

    1. patty clifton

      I totally agree! Meri does not need a 5 bedroom house and needs should come before wants. True, it’s not her fault that she was unable to have more kids, but that’s not the point. Each wife should be given what they need. I think a better idea would have been to build 2 large houses like their first home in Utah and have 2 wives in each large house that are built closer together.

  16. Kathy

    I love your show. It is most refreshing to see a loving family who cares and respects one another. I have to agree with one of the above comments that said traditional marriages should take some advice from you! Looking forward to seeing more merchandise on your website. The jewelry is lovely and perhaps I can consider a purchase after the holidays. Congratulations to Christine on passing her real estate test. I can completely relate to how difficult it is to study with a two-year old in the house. I have a two-year old granddaughter that lives with us and I have recently gone back to school for a second career. Needless to say, it is quite challenging to have to study with her running around!! You should be very proud of your accomplishments!!! I hope that your show will be on for a long time. It’s nice to see something positive on television these days!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!

  17. allison

    I can’t seem to find the sight of yawls stuff 🙁 Please send me the link! Oh I watch yawls show every chance I get haha my Mother got me addicted to watching SisterWives so Im up late every Tuesday more than normal just to be able to see what yawl doing next haha! Kody, YOU are a LUCKY man to have 4 beautiful wives like them all,Sir ;)) They are all unique in there on special way! awww and it hurt me to see you guys had to put,Jake down! I am a animal lover and I have 5 dogs myself and my little boy just feels like they are his brother’s and sister 😉 as YOU see we have 1 girl chiwuah,2 males chiwuahs,a beagal I rescued and a PickaPoo I also rescued are should I say they claimed me haha! HELP me into getting to yawls sight so I can order something ;)) !!!!!!! Much Love To The Whole Family!

  18. Anon

    Buy this jewelry so they can get homes no one can afford. The stuff is ugly. The family is not a real fam by any means. Kody is a sick man rewind and look at the way he looked at that half naked woman lol. Please…

  19. Becky

    Wow everybody is entitled to opinions even rude people I guess nobody said you had to buy their stuff give me a break……..

  20. Sherry

    I love the show. Checking out the website for the jewelry. Can’t open. Am excited about the jewelry line. Love sterling silver. Am in Illinois not sure if the web is open in this area?

  21. sara

    This show is really what is this world coming to ?isnt this against the law ?And those poor kids to have to live like that its a shame?And cody is so fake I dont know why people watch s..t like this no wonder so many diseases in the world .give ur head a shake.

    1. diane bodet

      Totally agree….I thought that comment about how ugly Polygamist wives are could not be closer to the truth. They all seem to eat quite well. Who would choose to live like this, the kids are clearly ashamed. What will happen to these houses when the show gets cancelled? The viewers are paying for it. What a world!!!

      1. sara

        I know it’s ridiculous… and everybody thinks the show is sooooo great .. everything’s lovely with his beliefs but if you believe this way of life is right why did he pack up the family and run away to Vegas? Them women are brainwashed u can tell he is very controlling person.

  22. susan

    Hello girls! You all seem to be so smart and strong for sure! But why do you have to buy your own homes? A good husband makes sure his wife is taken care of and certainly would not expect his wife (wives) to take care of him. After tonight’s program I got the feeling that there is so little loving support between the wives and the children …. plus you share this one man? You all seem too smart for this arrangement and certainly deserve all 100% of a man’s love care and support for yourself. That really concerns me for you dont really have any commitment now. I looked over your jewelry and it is nice but not my taste. I wish you all the best with your online business.

  23. TTownMomma

    I would like to say that I am not the judge. I just ordered more jewelry from you. I received the first two pieces today and they are beautiful! It is like shopping in stores, somethings you like and somethings you do not like. However, I am thankful that you did design the necklace and charms. Times are tough for everyone but that doesn’t give us a license to be ugly. I’m thankful my Christian mother taught me to not say anything unless you had something nice to say. And with that may you all have a Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful New Year.

  24. Marie

    I visited “My Sister Wives Closet” site and have some feedback. I personally find it may not appeal to mainstream American women who aren’t polygamists, along with the high prices. They may want to consider certain aspects and try to venture it into expanding themselves outside of the “Sister Wives”, (the “sw”, etc) and try to create jewelry that appeals to everyone along with lowering their prices. Although I did find the “key” charm is cute along the inspirational words and the cladaughs, but the “SW” kinda throws me off. Unless a woman has the initials “SW”, I don’t see how a woman who is not a polygamist would purchase it. All jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be made of silver as well to cut costs. Costume jewelry containing surgical steel, beaded, etc. is quite popular these days. There may be some marketing competition in this type of business, but sometimes that can be a good thing if they keep their costs down.

    So if any of the “Sister Wives” are reading this comment.. Just a suggestion for you. 🙂

    1. Dee

      I have to agree on both the prices and the items available. The $20 – $50 lines seem to sell much better.
      Re: homes. I also wish I could pick each and every item but I don’t as I know I can’t afford to do that in this economy and without a high paying job. My home is just what I actually need and it is comfortable and welcoming.
      Good luck to you all.

  25. Lee

    The jewelry, simply stated, is hidious. The website is very cheap and unprofessional. I would have expected much more from a business that has been promoted for as long as it has been, on the show.
    Fine jewelry it is not!!

  26. lia Ducharme

    hey lady’s
    after reading some of these comments I thought I need to write to you. I felt Heart broken for what some people have said, they are judgmental and give opinions where they have no right to give . I think you all do amazing and your children are sweethearts . For those that said why buy something from your site to pay for your homes? Really?? I wonder if they have a job to pay their bills too anyways I could go on because im sicken how some people treat others where they have no right . You are all amazing and RISE ABOVE THE NOISE ! God bless
    ps …( wish I could of found your site ! )

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