Paige Vanzant and Mark Ballas

Paige VanZant Finds Love On ‘DWTS’: Who Is She Dating?

There are always rumors about romance on “Dancing With the Stars” and it turns out that Paige Vanzant has found love. ET shared the news that Paige is dating someone from the show, but it is not her partner Mark Ballas. Instead, it is a man that Paige spent a bit of time with on the show, and they really hit it off.

Right now things are really heating up between Paige and Alan Bersten. A source revealed the details about this new romance.

“They just got to know one another during the show and rehearsal [and] they took a liking to one another,” the source dishes exclusively to ET. “They aren’t really showing it off, but they are definitely interested in one another.”

So far Paige and Alan aren’t sharing any details of their new romance. He actually stepped in the week that her partner Mark Ballas couldn’t dance, and they obviously had amazing chemistry. They do keep PDA to a minimum, but Paige and Alan have been showing up to parties together and leaving together.

Do you think that Paige and Alan are a great match? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday nights on ABC.


red rose

‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Past Contestant Shows Up On JoJo Fletcher’s Season

It is almost time for “The Bachelorette” 2016 to start airing and it turns out that a guy from a past season is going to show up on JoJo’s season. This has everyone curious if it could end up being Nick Vaill back once again, but that isn’t the case at all. Reality Steve shared the spoilers about who will be coming back.

The guy who shows back up is one of my least favorites of all time, to be honest with you. Jake Pavelka will be returning, but thank goodness it isn’t so he can try to win JoJo’s heart. Instead, Jake is going to be there to give her advice. I mean his season of the show turned out so great, who wouldn’t want advice from Jake? He is an old family friend, so that is probably why they picked him, but I might just fast forward through that part.

Jake Pavelka from Instagram

Are you excited to see JoJo Fletcher as “The Bachelorette” 2016? Her season will start airing on May 23 on ABC. Also check out our group for the best live chats all season long on Facebook.

Daytime Emmy Awards

Where Can You Watch The Daytime Emmy Awards For 2016?

It is time for the Daytime Emmy Awards for 2016. This year this show will not be televised at all, so fans are trying to figure out where they can watch it and see if their favorite wins. They will be happening tonight, May 1.

Last year, the Daytime Emmy Awards were on POP, but for some reason, they didn’t decide to do that this year. It will all be going down on Periscope, though. Parachute TV even has behind the scenes videos and interviews with winners. You can watch that at this link. The red carpet will also be airing there as well.

It turns out that the entire show will not air live tonight, though. Instead, you can watch it on The Emmy Awards website tomorrow. You can find out winners by following the hashtag #DaytimeEmmys on Twitter all night long.

Are you surprised that they Daytime Emmy Awards won’t air live? Do you want to watch it tomorrow after you know the winners? Sound off in the comments below.

Luke Pell on Twitter

Get to Know Luke Pell of ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 With JoJo Fletcher

It is almost time for “The Bachelorette” 2016 with JoJo Fletcher and news is starting to come out about this season. Reality Steve has already revealed her final four and Luke Pell is one of the guys that is going to make it far this season. Here is some information about Luke.

Wet Paint revealed some details about Luke Pell. Obviously, JoJo is a fan because she keeps him around at least until the hometown dates.

  • He gets a date with a private concert with JoJo this season.
  • Luke is ex-military. He severed as an Army officer overseas for five years and also went to West Point.
  • Luke played college in football. Jordan Rodgers is also one that JoJo keeps around and he played football as well. She must really like her athletes.
  • Nashville, Tennessee is where Luke Pell calls home, and he is a country music singer. Hopefully, he is on “The Bachelorette” for the right reasons and not just to work on his career.

Are you excited to watch JoJo Fletcher on “The Bachelorette” 2016? The first episode will air on Monday, May 23 on ABC. Make sure you check out my Bachelorette and Bachelor group on Facebook for fun live chats and more.

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Reality Steve Reveals JoJo Fletcher’s Final Four

JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette” is still filming, but Reality Steve has already been able to figure out her final four. He does a great job of figuring out these spoilers. He shared who her final four will be on Twitter this weekend.

Here is what Steve said about her final four:

“With Jordan’s hometown on Monday, your final 4 are set: Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, Luke Pell, and Jordan Rodgers.”

He also revealed that this season is all messed up, but isn’t sharing exactly why yet. One of the final four, Jordan Rodgers has been a fan favorite from the start. He is the brother of Aaron Rodgers. He is a NFL star, but it turns out that he isn’t close to the family so Aaron shouldn’t be showing up on the hometown dates. You can learn more about Jordan here.

Jordan Rodgers on Instagram

JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette” will start airing on Monday, May 23 on ABC. It is going to be a great season of the show and fans can’t wait to see which one of these final four guys wins her heart.