Kim Matula is Returning to ‘Bold and The Beautiful’

Kim Matula (Instagram)

Kim Matula (Instagram)

Kim Matula is returning to “The Bold and The Beautiful” and fans could not be happier to see her back. She quit the show back in December, but now according to Soap Opera Digest she is coming back. It is not a permanent return to the show though. Were you wishing that she would be back for good?

On March 4, she will be back filming the show. Her character Hope will be making a return, but it is just for one episode. Don’t expect to see Kim Matula back for long, but she will be back. A lot of her fans would love to hear that they have convinced her to return again full-time, but for now that is not the case. The exact date you can see her on “B&B” has not been shared yet, but look for her in an upcoming episode!

Review: Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder

Recently I received a sample of Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder to try out. Honestly I have never used this kind of paint and didn’t know what I was getting into. The video above will show you how to mix it up yourself if you have bought this to try. This kind of paint is very easy to work with once you realize how to do it. The amount of water that you add will help decide how thick or thin the paint goes on.

This paint was really easy to use and I didn’t have any problems with it. I love the idea that I can mix up just as much as I need and use it for a small project. I have a daughter who is always looking to paint something! Personally I don’t know enough about crafting, but I had a fun time trying out something new. The paint went on perfect and was a lot of fun to use! You can make some really unique pieces with this paint. This is way easier than making your own chalk paint like some people choose to do.

Kathleen Gati Twitter

Kathleen Gati of ‘GH’ Lands Role on ‘Winterthorne’

Kathleen Gati of “General Hospital” has landed a new role on the online show “Winterthorne” according to Soap Opera Digest. She will be playing the part of Valentina Winterthorne, which is the sister to the character played by Linda Gray.

So what does this mean for Dr. Obrecht? It doesn’t mean anything at all. Katheleen went to her Twitter to make sure that fans know that she is just going to be working more. She went to her page to share saying, “I’m only doing a Guest role on @WINTERTHORNE1 I’m still recurring on #GH & on @beingmaryjane Looking forward to working with SUPER cast!”

It will be great to see Kathleen Gati in the new role. She is an amazing actress with a lot of fans. Luckily she won’t be leaving “General Hospital” either because she does great on that show as well. I can’t wait to check her out in her new role.

Jason Biggs (Instagram)

Jason Biggs Not Returning to ‘Orange is the New Black’

New spoilers are out for season three of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix and it has been confirmed that Jason Biggs will not be returning next season. He played the character Larry Bloom for the first two seasons of the show. He was Piper’s ex-husband.

Biggs finally spoke out about it and said, “They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment. Larry will not be in season three. But there’s always a possibility he can come back.” You never know if he will show back up in an upcoming season of the show. It is highly doubtful they would bring him back as a regular though.

The new season of “Orange is the New Black” will be coming out on Netflix in June. It will not feature Jason, but it should still be a great season. His character was not that important to the show honestly and it can go on just fine without him. I know I can’t wait to binge watch the new season the second that it hits Netflix.

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Honey Boo Boo Coming to ‘The Doctors’

Alana Thompson of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is coming to “The Doctors.” The show has been speaking out about how they are concerned about her weight at such a young age. They want to help the girl so Mama June is bringing her to the show.

The first episode with Alana will air on February 25. They should be doing regular updates with her after that as well. Access Hollywood was at the taping and says that Mama June just made up a lot of excuses for her daughter’s weight gain. If you have seen the show, it is very obvious that they do not eat healthy at all. Remember their spaghetti sauce made from ketchup and butter?

“The Doctors” will be helping them out with an age appropriate diet for her. They are even using a nutritionist in her area to help her. She is only 4’6″ tall but already weighs 125 lbs. Don’t miss “The Doctors” on February 25. I will be watching!