‘Return to Amish’ Spoilers: Tension Starts On Sunday’s Episode

It is time for another new episode of “Return to Amish” tomorrow and the spoilers are out. TV Guide shared a few small spoilers about what you can expect to see on the show. Abe will be going on to check on getting some dental work that he will find out is going to be very expensive.

As you saw at the end of last week’s episode, Mary’s youngest daughter Esther showed up in New York City. She will be hanging out with them at Kate’s, but one person is not going to be happy about this at all.

Rebecca and Esther are going to butt heads, and this is going to cause a bit of drama on tomorrow’s episode. I can’t wait to see it all go down! Also, last week they started asking Kate about if she is dating her plastic surgeon or not and it is going to be interesting to see what comes up about that one

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Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell

Ben Higgins Drops Out of Political Race Just One Day In

Yesterday the big news came out that Ben Higgins was running for political office in Colorado. He seemed excited about it, but now things have changed. You can check out my original article about him running on Inquisitr.

Just Jared, Jr. shared the news that Ben Higgins has already dropped out. Nobody seems to know the reason, not even Reality Steve. Ben gave a statement out sharing that he was done.

“I regret that I must withdraw my candidacy. Despite my best efforts to pursue this opportunity in good faith, I recently received information that has made such a pursuit unworkable. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to move forward as a candidate. I find solace in knowing that our intentions and actions have been fair and sincere. I entered into this endeavor wanting to bring positive change to my community, and it is with that same spirit that I will move forward, albeit on a different path.”

Right now Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are filming their own reality show that will air on Freeform. It will be called “Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After.” Fans are really curious why he would make this decision. Maybe, Ben, had some dirt come out about him, the show got in the way or speculation is even that there is a baby on the way. What made Ben Higgins pull out? Hopefully, it ends up airing on their reality show.


'Teen Wolf' on MTV

‘Teen Wolf’ Officially Canceled: Next Season Will Be The Last!

The show “Teen Wolf” on MTV is a huge fan favorite. Everyone loves this show, but I have to admit it is one I never started. I always thought I should watch this one, but I never did it. Now news is out that the show has been canceled!

Hollywood Life shared the details and “Teen Wolf” is over after the  next season that will air. They will be airing season six of the show, but after that it is over! You will not want to miss the rest of “Teen Wolf” and figure out how it all comes to an end.

Are you sad to hear that “Teen Wolf” is coming to an end? Do you think that they should have kept it around another season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Myself, I know that I may have to end up watching it all once it comes to an end!

Robby Hayes

Robby Hayes Tries To Get Chase Chrisley To Help Him Get More Followers

Robby Hayes is doing everything he can to get more social network followers. Not long ago it was revealed that he tried to pay Jade Roper Tolbert and her husband Tanner Tolbert to help him get more followers. Now it turns out that he reached out to Chase Chrisley of “Chrisley Knows Best” as well.

Reality Steve went to his blog to share the details today. The post was a picture of them together and along with it Chase accidentally shared what Robby said to Chase. It showed the caption, “If you can put this on Instagram, it would help if you can still do that for me.” Along with it was a caption about the two getting to see each other.

After Chase messed up and posted this, he deleted it. There were over 100 comments, though. It looks like Chase should have deleted what Robby Hayes had to say before sharing it on Instagram.

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Robby Hayes

Robby Hayes’ Ex Hope To Share Her Side of the Story

Tonight on a new episode of “The Bachelorette,” JoJo Fletcher and Robby Hayes spent a lot of time talking about his past relationship with Hope. It turns out that they split up back in December just a few months before he started filming the show. Robby says they got in a fight, she slapped him, and they haven’t talked since then.

Now it turns out that Hope is going to tell her side of the story tomorrow. Reality Steve went to his Twitter and shared that he will be revealing all. Steve shared saying, “I have an email from Robby’s ex, Hope, that I will share tmrw on the site that’s her response to what we see tonight.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see Hope’s side of the story! Steve also shared that he never talked to Hope’s roommate the way that Robby’s mom made it sound on the show.

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Update: Check out my article on Inquisitr to see what she had to say!