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Jessa Duggar Shares Her Choice of Book for Healthy Pregnancy Eating

Jessa Duggar Seewald is enjoying pregnancy and taking care of herself and that precious little baby. She actually went to her Instagram page this week to share what book she is using to help keep fit and healthy during her pregnancy.

She posted a picture of her healthy meal and then said “Reading through the book “Trim Healthy Mama” and feeling inspired! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 These ladies are great! By far the best, most well rounded approach to healthy eating, in my opinion! Y’all should definitely check it out. #TrimHealthyMama #EatWell.” This book came out in 2012, but it is still helping Jessa out during her pregnancy.

At this time, there is still no news about if “19 Kids and Counting” will end up coming back for another season. Fans would love to see the show on again, but for now following the family on their social networks is the only way to get Duggar updates. Jessa still has a bit of her pregnancy yet, but her sister-in-law Anna is due soon.

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‘Big Brother 17′ News: Did Da’Vonne Just Blow Vanessa’s Cover?

A lot is happening in the “Big Brother 17″ house already! For one thing, Vanessa and Da’Vonne are both being deceitful to the rest of the house guests by lying about what they really do for a living. Vanessa is a professional poker player and Da’Vonne is a professional poker dealer. Vanessa told everyone she is actually a D.J and Da’Vonne told the rest of them that she is a second grade school teacher. According to the Inquisitr on July 1, Da’Vonne might have already blown Vanessa’s cover.

It seems Vanessa maybe should have kept her mouth shut when she told Da’Vonne the truth about her profession. However, she really didn’t lie too much when she told everyone this because it wasn’t far from the truth since she has been promoting her D.J business a little more than she has been of her poker business. I Wonder what will happen if anyone finds out she won over $4 million in poker money.

However, Vanessa already feared that everyone would find out because she has been afraid that some might recognize her from being on TV. She did say if anyone recognizes her she will just say that yeah, she has been on TV to promote her D.J business a lot. Watch out girl! Let’s hope Da’Vonne hasn’t blown her cover yet at least! Things are getting wild in the “Big Brother 17″ house. Make sure you check out my “Big Brother” Fans Unite group on Facebook!

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Emily Maynard’s darkest times were while on ‘The Bachelorette’

Emily Maynard of “The Bachelorette” is now speaking out and she says that her time on “The Bachelorette” were some of the darkest days of her life. Now that she is married and pregnant with her second child things are looking up for her. People shared what Emily had to say about her time on the popular reality TV show.

Maynard had to deal with a lot of media scrutiny and told news station WCCB that things were hard for her. She spoke out saying “I’m just happy to have that in the past. I would watch the show and think ‘I should have done this, done that.’ And having everything blow up in my face a couple times and go through a public embarrassment a couple times, it wasn’t ideal.”

Emily also shared that she is old news and she is happy about that, but honestly she probably doesn’t realize how much her fans still care about her. They have been waiting to hear the sex of her baby, which she finally revealed as a boy. Even though she isn’t on television anymore, her fans still like to hear more about her and how life is going now. She will never totally escape that world, but now she doesn’t have the cameras following her around wherever she goes.

Reports are out that she is having a little boy with her husband Tyler Johnson. This is the first child for the couple, but she already has a daughter Ricki. She raised her first child on her own after her fiance Ricki Hendricks died in a plane crash. Ricki is now 9 years old and the perfect age to help mom out a bit with her new little brother. If they have a name picked out yet, they are not sharing.

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‘Big Brother 17′ recap for June 28

Episode three of “Big Brother 17″ aired tonight and the first Battle of the Block competition ran its course. As the game starts, James and Jason are in charge at first but only for the moment since one of them will be eliminated as the Head of Household after tonight’s game is over. According to the Big Brother Network on June 28, they need nominees first and four of them are chosen before they all head out back for the first Battle of the Block competition. This is when one will escape the block and win the competition.

Phil Keoghan of “The Amazing Race” comes back for the two houseguests who sat out and they get news that they are safe at least until next week. However, now the pressure is on them since they get to choose a houseguest to take with them. Vanessa and Davonne each get to choose one and only one, though. Vanessa decides she wants to choose someone strong who will be able to help her later. However, Davonne is afraid to choose someone from her alliance because then this might reveal the arrangement they have going on. Vanessa ends up choosing Austin and Davonne chooses Liz to keep safe with them, at least until next week.

Now Shelli seems to be upset that Davonne didn’t choose her or Audrey since they are supposed to have an arrangement. However, Shelli doesn’t seem to stay upset too long since she is cuddling up with Clay. We seem to have a showomance going on with these two.

The Battle of the Block competition looks pretty awesome and looks as though everyone is drunk since they keep falling down. The game is this: They have to carry blocks along a girder beam to build a tower on the other side. Becky and John take a good lead at the end and they end up winning and dethroning Jason from the HOH. Don’t miss the new episodes of “Big Brother 17″ three times a week on CBS. Make sure you join my Big Brother Fans Unite group on Facebook for the latest news!

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Who Will End Up Being ‘The Bachelor’?

People are already speculating about who will be on the next season of “The Bachelor.” E! Online shared on June 25, that rumors are going around that it could be Josh Murray, who broke up with Andi Dorfman in January. Josh says he would definitely consider being the next Bachelor, Chris Harrison himself says it won’t be him.

There is also some speculation that it could be Chris Soules Nope, not a chance! Sorry everyone but Chris Harrison also said that Prince Farming is not in the running for the next Bachelor either. So, this leaves one of Kaitlyn Bristowes’s men as the one who could be picked.

Those who are left of Kaitlyn’s men include Shawn B, Ben Z, Ben H, Tanner, Joe, Jared, Chris, “Cupcake,” JJ, and Nick Viall. So, will it be one of these guys then? Although some speculate that it could be either Ben H, or Ben Z, what do you all think about who the next Bachelor will be? Reality Steve says that it is between Ben Higgins and Josh Murray. Only time will tell what they decide for sure. Chris Harrison could be just denying Josh will get the job to throw us off.