‘Survivor Cagayan': Is Trish really a man?

Fans of “Survivor: Cagayan” can’t stop wondering if Trish Hegarty is really a man or not. She made a comment one week that she is really a man, but it was very obvious it was a joke to me. Some people believed it though for some reason.

Trish went to Twitter to confirm if this is true or not. She said, “Out with my boys I grew up with last night. NO, I am not a man , yes, I am one of the guys. I love it..” There it is folks. Trish Hegarty is not really a man. No matter what this news came straight from Trish. She was just joking around and trying to make light of the situation.

Honestly I am really shocked that fans even believed it. I personally thought nothing of it when she said it until I realized it was the talk of the social networks. So if you are watching back “Survivor: Cagayan,” no Trish is not a man.

Lady Antebellum Covers Luke Bryan’s ‘Drink a Beer’ (Video)

This week Luke Bryan had to miss out on the “CMT Artist of the Year” special due to his brother-in-law passing away. Since he wasn’t there to perform, Lady Antebellum took the stage in his place to sing his hit song “Drink a Beer.” It was very fitting.

I have to say this was my favorite performance of the night. This is a great Luke Bryan song and the group did it justice. Songwriter Chris Stapleton helped them out as well. Luke actually wrote this song about his brother who passed away. It was a great song since he missed the show because of another death in the family.

After the performance, Luke Bryan went to Twitter to thank them for it. He said, “That was amazing. Truly. Thank you Charles, Dave, Hillary and Chris! Beautiful!!! Thank you fans for your love.” Obviously he loved it too! Check it out in the video below. This performance is one that you don’t want to miss!

Facebook game talks about running over neighbor’s dog

Facebook game
There are always new Facebook games popping up and a recent one is really upsetting some people. Everyone just plays the game and doesn’t seem to think about what people might think of them when they read it.

Here is what you could see posted on your friend’s Facebook page, “”I accidentally ran over my neighbor’s dog. To avoid conflict, I put him in my car & threw him out down the road. They will think he ran away & I won’t get dirty looks every time I walk outside! Don’t judge me. I couldn’t find a shovel,.”

A lot of people see this status and think that their friends have actually been hacked, but it is really just another silly Facebook game. If you comment on or like the status, then your friend will send you a private message telling you to play too. If you ignore the message, then you may never know what is going on with your friend.

You might want to just break the chain and not play along. There is no reason to upset your friends and family by posting a status that isn’t true at all on your Facebook page. What do you think of these new games? Sound off in the comments.

Review: Fulcrum Gallery for Great Art For Your Home


Recently we painted our kitchen a new color. It was really hard to find the perfect picture to hang on the big wall in there. Lucky for me I found Fulcrum Gallery and got to pick out a picture. The first thing I have to say about this website is that they have an amazing selection. I spent hours looking through the site and could have purchased a ton more.

The picture that I finally decided on was a violin. My husband and my daughter both play plus it was the bright colors I was looking for so I couldn’t have found a better picture for my family. I located it in the music art section of the website. I can’t wait to order a few more of the pictures in this category.

When looking for a picture for your home, everyone worries about price. The prices are affordable, but they do vary on Fulcrum Gallery. The one thing to remember is that you can order just the print and frame it yourself if you are trying to save some cash. I didn’t order one this way yet, but it is a great idea.

The picture that I picked out came in a frame and all ready to hang up on the wall. The shipping was really fast and it showed up at the door packaged well where it would not break. I was really impressed with how it arrived. Personally I would highly recommend Fulcrum Gallery if you are looking for the perfect wall hangings for your home.

Disclaimer: This product was received for free in return for a review. The opinions here are my own.

Moore Oklahoma runs Westboro Baptist Church out of town

Westboro Baptist Church showed up in Moore, Oklahoma back in April and the church was ran out of town. They showed up to protest a liquor store that was offering a discount after the death of Fred Phelps. You can check out what happened in the video above.

You can see that they do get out of their vehicle and stand there on the street with their signs. Motorcycles and vehicles drive up and down the street as a ton of people stand there yelling at them. You hear people telling them that they are not wanted there.

The next thing you know a few people start trying to walk over toward the Westboro Baptist Church. The police stop them, but they can tell things are about to get really bad. They then escort the people from Westboro to their vehicles and send them on their way back to Kansas.

It was great to see how this group of Oklahoma people stood together and were able to run Westboro Baptist Church right out of Moore, Oklahoma. They were sent out in less than 10 minutes.